Automatic bilingual transcriptions

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Screenshot of Kaituhi displaying a te reo Māori transcription

Kaituhi is a web-based transcription tool that automatically transcribes te reo Māori and New Zealand English audio and video files.

This easy to use tool speeds up the process, leaving more time for creativity and innovation.

  1. Generate

    In Kaituhi, the transcript is automatically portioned into smaller manageable captions for ease of transcription and review.

  2. Edit and Review

    2-check system and helpful editing features make it easier for transcribers create a timely, complete, highly accurate and time-coded transcription.

  3. Export

    Export the transcript into multiple outputs while maintaining a consistent format. The original audio may also be downloaded if required.

Export formats, Audio (.m4a), Text (.txt), MS Word (.docx), WebVTT(.vtt), EAF/ELAN (.eaf), SRT(.srt), Tags (.csv)


  • ‘2 checks’ system for use by a transcriber and a reviewer to ensure accurate transcriptions.
  • Auto-captioning makes it easier to review and transcribe long form audio. 
  • Assign transcribers and reviewers to audio files.
  • Speed up or slow down the audio playback.
  • Teams can be restricted to only those that are required to have access to the audio and subsequent transcriptions.
  • Workspaces, Teams and Folders help organize content in sensible ways.
  • Label speakers, make notes, and flag portions of audio that may require additional support from another team member.
  • A number of shortcut keys to assist transcribers and make transcribing more efficient.
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He iti te toki, e rite ana ki te tangata

The tool though small, can help a person carry out difficult tasks

Radio presenters in Māori media

Perfect for Media

Initially created for Iwi Radio needs, Kaituhi supports the creation of Māori, English, and bilingual closed captioning and subtitles. Kaituhi enables cataloguing and the searchability of archives.

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Empowering Māori Research

Finally, researchers have a tool to support transcribing te reo Māori interviews.

Features include tagging/coding of transcripts & making notes.

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Screenshot of tagging / coding feature in Kaituhi
Whānau on the marae

Supporting whānau to preserve their history

If your project is whānau-based, please contact us today.

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Kaitiakitanga is about Guardianship not Ownership.

You are the kaitiaki of the data you put into Kaituhi, and you are in control of how it is used. This is why the data you upload is protected by the Kaitiakitanga License

Kaituhi is a service from Te Hiku Media, powered by the Papa Reo Engine.